Child Custody

In Georgia, when parents cannot agree on child custody, a judge will decide.  Courts base custody decisions on the “best interests of the child.”   Factors used to determine the “best interests of the child” include:


  • the emotional bonds between each parent and the child
  • the emotional bonds between a child and his or her siblings or half siblings
  • each parent’s ability to give the child love and affection
  • each parent’s familiarity with the child
  • each parent’s ability to provide for the child’s material and educational needs
  • the home environment of each parent
  • the need for continuity in the child’s life
  • the mental and physical health of each parent
  • evidence of family violence
  • each parent’s past contributions to the well being of the child
  • evidence of substance abuse by either parent


The best interests inquiry is open-ended and places a premium on preparation and effective advocacy.   Your child’s future can hinge upon a two-hour court hearing.  Judges often lose patience with advocates who are unprepared or take too long to make their point.  David Abbott knows how to gather your evidence, identify the most important witness, and make your case crisp and persuasive.

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