CONVID-19 Unemployment Help


It is easier than ever to get unemployment.

Benefits are more generous than ever before.


You can get unemployment if:

  • You have lost your job
  • Your hours have been cut
  • You are looking for work but can’t find it
  • You own a business and had to close it because of COVID
  • You are self-employed and can’t find work
  • You are caring for a child who is home from school because of COVID
  • You or a relative you are caring for has COVID


Congress added $600 a week to unemployment benefits.  Anyone who qualifies will get between $644 and $935 per week.


You must apply to receive benefits.  Anyone who thinks they might qualify should file a truthful application.

If your application is rejected, call the Abbott Law Firm at 404-514-5900 for help.

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