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I’m not like the other DUI attorneys.  In fact, I don’t like most DUI attorneys.  Too many lawyers play hide the ball, extract hefty fees and then plead their clients out.  Not me.  Most DUI cases are simple.  A handful can be complex.  I will assess your case promptly.  I will tell you what your chances are on the phone.  I will tell you whether its worth trying to suppress a breath test.  If you need cutting edge legal arguments or well credentialed experts, I have you covered.  When your case calls for a simpler approach, my fees will embarass my competitors.


David Abbott has successfully handled all facets of the most complex charges and he provides the same dedication and effort with each case. When you hire our firm, you are investing in superior representation to aid you in your DUI case.


We are experienced in:

Riverdale, GA DUI
Reckless Driving
Negligent Driving
License Suspension or revocation

If you have been arrested for a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) in Riverdale, GA, the DUI Attorneys at the Abbott Law Firm can help. An attorney can save time, money and freedom for thousands of residents in Metro Atlanta area and the state of Georgia. Protect yourself with legal representation.



An experienced criminal defense attorney can get your case dismissed or significantly reduced.


Why should you hire a Riverdale, GA DUI lawyer?

An experienced Atlanta, GA DUI Attorney can:

  • Prevent license suspension
  • Restore driving privileges
  • Prevent jail time
  • Reduce or eliminate fines
  • Prevent public work service
  • Reduce or eliminate charges


How can a Riverdale, GA DUI (Driving Under the Influence) attorney help?

There are many ways to challenge and disprove the evidence against an accused, and an experienced Atlanta, GA attorney knows the procedures involved. The attorney can:

  • File pretrial motions to suppress evidence: A successful motion almost always results in the criminal case being dismissed.
  • Review the maintenance and calibration records of the breath/blood machine: These machines are not infallible. They are made of up of metal, plastic, and silicon, and all these materials deteriorate over time. To believe that they work every time, at 100% efficiency, is like believing your car will never break down. And, like a car, the amount and type of maintenance is very important to how well it works.
  • Hire an analyst to determine if the driver’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was accurate.
  • Effectively cross-examine the officer to expose mistakes and inaccuracies in the gathering of evidence.


What Does A Riverdale, GA DUI Attorney Do?

The attorney can represent the accused in court (the criminal case) and in the case brought by the Georgia Department of Driver Services (the civil case). In court, the attorney can raise legal issues and negotiate with the prosecutor in order to get the case dropped or significantly reduced. With DDS, the attorney can raise legal issues in order to prevent a lengthy license suspension.

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Criminal defense matters are time sensitive, and they are not to be taken lightly. While it is helpful to read the information you'll find here, and elsewhere on the internet, there is no substitution to speaking with a professional attorney about the specifics of your case.


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