Divorce is never easy.  The only good thing divorce can bring is the freedom to move on.  There are always significant downsides: the expense of maintaining two households rather than one.  Hurt feelings.  Confused and unhappy children.  Many divorces involve personal and financial betrayal.


Litigating a divorce is much like treating a wound.  While even the best treatment is painful, poor treatment can be catastrophic.   My first principle is to not make things worse.  After speaking, I will tell you up front how a judge is likely to rule.  This is not an exact science, judges are predictable and past rulings are the best indicator of what will happen in your case.  Litigation is more expensive and less certain than negotiation.  If your spoue is willing to meet you half-way, settlement is almost certainly better than trial.  If your spouse is unreasonable and there is significant property, I’m not afraid to try your case.


If you want a divorce lawyer who makes slippery promises and promises revenge, hire someone else.  If you want an honest, experienced advocate who will try to deescalate conflict and help you move on, let’s talk.

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