Locust Grove Shoplifting Cases

Most shoplifting cases in Locust Grove begin in the Locust Grove City Court.  The local judge, Donald Patten, has a tough reputation in shoplifting cases.  Repeat shoplifters and those who violate their probation can receive lengthy jail sentence.

An attorney can transfer a Locust Grove shoplifting cases to the Henry County State Court.  This will change the prosecutor and judge assigned to the case and makes it possible to have a jury trial.  However, because it creates an internet accessible record of your case, you should talk to an experienced attorney before transferring your case.

David Abbott has handled Locust Grove shoplifting cases since 2008.  He understands the practices of both the Locust Grove City Court and the Henry County State Court.  He can help you navigate a shoplifting case towards dismissal and can also help restrict your criminal history.

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