White Collar Defense


The law permits Georgia prosecutors to throw the sharpest of elbows.  In corporate theft cases, prosecutors can and do ask for twenty-year prison sentences.

If you are charged in a corporate theft case, you need to push back.  Serving subpoenas for corporate records is an integral part of a strong defense.  Many corporations don’t even want to reveal their record retention policies or corporate structures.  Cover ups are common.  Corporations often refuse to honor subpoenas, diminishing their credibility.

Corporations use nebulous structures to evade taxes and escape responsibility for their torts. The same technicalities that serve corporate interests can build your defense.  It is oftentimes unclear who owned the “stolen property.”  Indictments may be defective for listing the wrong victim.

Aggressive, strategic defense can help you negotiate the best outcome.  Courts retain authority to reduce sentences even after they are imposed. Trial is always a risky proposition for criminal defendants, but it doesn’t have to be comfortable for so called corporate victims.

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